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Active Trader Rates


Ideal for low volume traders. Trade up to 400 units. $0.015 per unit over 400.



Ideal for high volume traders. Trade up to 2000 units. $0.01 per unit over 2000.



Ideal for our extremely high volume traders. Unlimited unit volume trades but requires a minimum of 3000 trades monthly.


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1. Rates apply to stocks priced above $2.00.

2. Stocks priced below $2.00 are charged a rate of $4.95 per trade up to 1,000 shares and $0.00495 per unit thereafter.

3. All trades valuing $35.00 or less will attract a $20.00 charge.

4. Broker assisted trades attract a fee of $30.00 per trade,trades with volumes over 100,000 units attract an additional fee.

*This equates to $29,850.00 ($9.95 x 3000 trades)  in minimum monthly commissions.

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