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Wiring Information

Withdrawing Funds Online-The Basics​

Alliance Investment Management gives you access to your funds through this Fund Request page whether you're requesting a cheque or wire transfer. The amount you may request is based upon your Available Cash or Available Cash with Open Orders as shown in your Portfolio. Current Open Orders can affect how much you are allowed to request. Upon entering a request, your Available Cash will be debited for the amount of the fund request.

Funds deposited by cheque or wire will be available for withdrawal 10 business days after the date of deposit. 


Cheques requested will be made payable to the account holder(s) and mailed to the address on file. Express mail can not be delivered to a PO box address.

Cheque Fee: Your account will be debited $50.00 for Express mail (Delivery between 1-2 days) or $20.00 for regular mail. (Delivery between 10-20 days to address outside of Jamaica)

Funds request cut off time is 12:00 PM EST. 



Please note: At least one party named on the account must also be named on the account receiving the wire. Wires to third parties are not permitted. If we cannot confirm this information at the receiving institution, your wire may be delayed.

**NOTE: If you are wiring to another brokerage firm, under "Account Name" you would put either that firm's name or their clearing firm's name, depending on their wiring instructions, and their bank account number. Then, you would put FFC (for further credit) to your name and account number with that other firm.

If you are wiring directly to a bank account in your name, then there is no FFC necessary.

Wire Fee: Your account will be debited $35.00 for US domestic wires or $70.00 for international wires


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