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DAS Trader Two Week DEMO


The FREE Level II Simulator allows you to test trade in a real-time, simulated trading environment. It gives you the ability to simulate trading from 7:00 AM to 12 AM EST, 10 days. You can test your equity strategies without opening an account and without risking any capital.

The reason we created the FREE Level II Simulator is to allow online traders to utilize our platform and trade with it, before, during and after market hours. It also allows prospective clients to test drive the software before they open their account. The new Simulator is a realistic training tool.

The trades are 100% simulated so that none of your trading capital is ever at risk. The executions have been simulated as well to reflect the fact that sometimes you will be filled immediately, other times you won't, depending on market conditions. When an order is not executed you will be able to cancel the order and re-enter it. Remember, it's designed to simulate real-time trading and execution. The purpose of this software is to demonstrate and educate. It is important to realize that simulated or electronic paper trading is not the real thing! Under actual market conditions your trading could result in a completely different outcome.

Download the FREE Level II Simulator and see why it has become one of the most highly acclaimed trading platforms for active investors. Now you can benefit from direct access, state-of the-art trading technology.

Your Simulator will be active for 14 days. Please note we are closed on Weekends. Click on Get Real Time Quote and complete the form.

* REQUIRED: You must give at least a valid First Name, Last Name, Phone# and Email Address or you will not receive the validation email. You must write down your user name and password since the system will create what you specify in the form.

** AGREED: By filling out this form, you agree to use this demo for 2 weeks only. Using the simulator past the 2 weeks demo period may be considered theft of services.

* NOTE: We do NOT ever share or disclose your email address to any other companies or email marketers.

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